Le Berme Wildlife

Le Berme’s 17 acres of mixed parkland are the home to an extraordinary variety of creatures. Deer are regularly spotted passing through. The family of cheeky red squirrels will keep you amused for hours as they scurry about carrying walnuts before we are able to pick them! Our birds include the wonderfully exotic Hoopoes with remarkable feather patterns on their wings and the clear fluted call of Golden Orioles ringing through the trees in the summer. On occasions a small family of long eared owls have often dozed in the parasol pines. The rich flora provides a home for more than 30 species of butterflies that have been spotted during the summers here.

  • Scarce swallowtail butterfly

  • A Hoopoe takes a look at the pool

  • Heron decides there are no fish here

  • Red squirrel on manoeuvres

  • Derrick the deer checks out the powder snow

  • Long eared owl looks and wonders

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